The Rich History of AshChromics


The History of AshChromics

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American Made

FADES® technology is made right here in New Jersey. Each insert and pair of sunglasses is quality tested and guaranteed. Borrowing from Ashwin-Ushas Corporation and their decades of experience with military grade technology, every piece of FADES® tech is built to last. We’re proud to say we’ve developed and manufactured these high-tech lenses in the United States of America.

About Our Company

AshChromics Is a new venture created by the research industry veterans at Ashwin-Ushas Corporation. AshChromics was founded in Marlboro, New Jersey, with the goal of bringing Ashwin-Ushas’ electrochromics FADES® technology to the general public. We worked endlessly for over a decade to perfect the technology, funding it both internally and through agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Energy.

Our aerospace and military development experience ensures our customers that FADES® eyewear by AshChromics is a tried and tested product, one meant to withstand anything and everything an active lifestyle can throw at it. And our patented electrochromic technology is the auto-darkening eyewear industry leader, offering contrast levels and switching times unparalleled by the competition. For the active individual, there is no better choice to protect your eyes than FADES® by AshChromics.