Rugged Technology

Eyewear Powered by FADES® Technology

Our glasses respond instantaneously to environmental changes as you move through your day. With an under 2 second switching time, 3-5 day battery runtime, color retention while off, unique haze reduction, and advanced eye protection, our sunglasses withstand the harshest of wear while providing perfect optical acuity.

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Approximately 3 to 5 day run-time. Fully recharge in 30 Minutes or less.

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Advanced Performance

Designed for every situation

FADES® do not rely on UV to darken or lighten so our eyewear can provide perfect, optical acuity no matter where you move.

vs. Competitors

Normal Transitions® (or photochromic) lenses rely on UV light and only work well outdoors. LCD lenses do not have intermediate states and have poor light/dark contrast and poor long-term stability.

Rapid Transition

FADES® instantly respond to changes in ambient light. Our proprietary algorithm ensures the optimal amount of light is on your eye at all times.

vs. Competitors

Photochromic lenses have very slow responses and transitions. LCD lenses do not have intermediate states and have poor light/dark contrast and poor long-term stability.

High Contrast

FADES® has the unique ability to create intermediate states of darkness for precise color, maximum comfort, and optimal visibility.

vs. Competitors

LCD darkening-lenses only have on/off darkening and lack long-term reliability.

Accurate Coloring

Whether light or dark, FADES® maintains natural coloring so you can see your world in its true form.

vs. Competitors

LCD lenses and metal-oxide based electrochromics distort colors, require constant power connection, and are expensive.

One charge lasts all week

Our lithium-ion batteries reach a full charge in 30 minutes and last up to one week depending on usage.

American Made

AshChromics’ auto-darkening lenses are made in New Jersey and backed by military-grade technology.

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Advanced Auto-Darkening Technology

Our FADES® technology is powered by an advanced ambient light sensor and microchip to transition from light to dark in under three seconds and dark to light nearly instantaneously. The built-in battery allows a pair of FADES® glasses to run for approximately 3-5 days on one charge. And our virtually invisible charging port means this won’t compromise aesthetics.