The great outdoors is a treat to the eyes and food for the soul. The adventurous lot among you would agree that nature offers the most exquisite views and experiences when you are brave to go deep into the terrain. And hiking is one of such adventures which is relatively simpler yet can take you towards an experience of a lifetime. However, the fact remains that nature is also a rebellious force to be reckoned with. Hence, preparation and protection are key to have the most enjoyable experiences on a hiking trip. So here are a few tips and techniques to be mindful of when planning your next hiking journey, especially if you are a novice.

Preparation. To the unknown ones, hiking may sound like a casual stroll in nature. But it's much harder than you think, especially when you choose to tread on the foothills. Difficulty levels escalate quickly in the rough terrain. So prepare beforehand to avoid any physical exhaustion or injuries. Key things to keep in mind when preparing are:

  • Start at least a month ahead. Hiking is a tough exercise and requires one to take multiple things into consideration. So, it’s wise to plan for this physically stressful journey at least 30 to 40 days before you want to set out.

  • Modify your physical training. When we say start preparing, physical training is essential. Fitness experts suggest that your body should be fit enough to keep going while carrying the weight of your backpack on uneven trails. And you’ll be walking long distances, so maybe it's time to give the elevator a break and start taking the stairs.

  • Walk, walk, and walk some more. Prepping for a hiking trip doesn't simply mean you prepare in a gym or do HIIT workouts. Plains are very different from what you will experience in the hills. So, it is suggested that you should take a small hiking trip to a nearby nature reserve or a similar terrain to what you are planning to hike in eventually.

  • Protection. Preparing physically is as important as carrying the right equipment and protective gear. Nature trails can be hard not just to walk on, but there are many dangers you must protect yourself from. Hence, apart from the essentials to carry, find these crucial items for your hiking trip:

  • Hiking boots. Get yourself a pair of high-quality hiking boots. Also, try to wear them to break them in a little during your practice hikes.

  • Sun protection. Let’s be clear of one thing, UV rays are your enemy and will wear you down faster than the exercise. So, invest in premium-quality and smart hiking sunglasses that will provide that optimal sun protection and make visibility much easier especially if you use prescription glasses. Ashchromics offers FADES® Auto Darkening Sunglasses fit for all your adventures. These are battery-powered wonders designed to darken in under 2 seconds, providing you with the best visibility in every weather and light.

  • Hydration & food. This one is probably a no-brainer, but pack yourself enough clean water and healthy snacks to last you the whole journey. So you can fight altitude sickness or heat with nutrition.

  • On the day of the trip. Lastly, ensure that you have planned and prepped thoroughly for the trip. Also, make an itinerary of your journey and leave it with a friend or family member behind in case of any emergencies. It is important that someone knows you are out on an adventure and safe.

    When you prepare ahead, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the most exhilarating experiences in your life. So, get ready to be blown away with the most pristine skies and vast expanse of the natural landscape.