Cycling is one of the most convenient, enjoyable and low-impact exercises available in our daily lives. The sheer ease of dashing to work on a bike is what makes this mode of travel a global favorite. And not just for work; cycling is one of the popular recreational activities as well.

Regardless of one’s preference and level of expertise, cycling is a surreal experience that everyone should get a taste of. And before you know it, the breathtaking views of the mountain tops or the pumped feeling of toned hamstrings will have you hooked to this invigorating sport.

However, every sport requires certain preparations and precautions to be taken. Similarly, whether you are getting back on the saddle after a long break, are a complete novice, or are a serious cyclist, a common factor remains; there will be challenges to overcome on potentially every trip. So, whether it is your regular commute to work or a weekend ride to the foothills, be mindful of these crucial checkpoints to make your next bike ride a smooth sail:

  • Weather. While in search of breathtaking landscapes, you have to be mindful of the unpredictable nature of the weather. Whether you venture out on a sunny day or are habitual of riding all year long, you must be prepared for a sudden shower or strong, cold winds.

    The best protection against the forces of nature is efficiently designed cycling gear. Therefore, invest in a water-resistant, sweat-proof, breathable cycling set that provides the needful comfort paired with protection in every weather.

  • Vision. Secondary only to the unprecedented weather changes, vision is the most significant tool on your cycling trips. As you plan to get back on the saddle come winter, a pair of smart cycling sunglasses is a necessity.

    Maintaining proper vision while riding is of utmost importance. If you stumble due to improper visibility, the chances of serious injury are eminent. Thus, investing in a pair of cycling sunglasses crafted with high-quality material that sits comfortably, and has an auto-darkening feature should be a priority.

  • Lights. Getting on the road without good lights makes you a target of oncoming traffic. It’s difficult for other users on the road to spot you easily, putting everyone at risk of an accident. Thus, it’s crucial to have good lights on the front and back of your bike. Especially in winters, when daylight fades quickly. We recommend using LEDs with a powerful beam to be able to see and be easily spotted by other road users.

  • Terrain. One thing that mountain tops offer apart from the surreal and mesmerizing views is the rocky terrains. Even experienced cyclists can never predict what they will encounter accelerating on a mountain top. Therefore, the only way you can prepare is by practicing short-distance bike rides on an identical terrain before embarking on any hardcore biking challenge.

  • Among all the ways you can prepare for the untrodden path that lies ahead on your cycling journey, gearing up with the best cycling gear is your safest bet. Trust AshChromics’ FADES® Sunglasses for an unbeatable riding experience. These are the best cycling sunglasses that are designed with the outdoors in mind, aiming to achieve optimum UV protection, Haze reduction, Auto-darkening within seconds, and unmatched durability to accompany you on many adventures.