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Transforming Vision

Automatic Darkening Eyewear

Our unique electrochromic design allows FADES® to change as you see your world.

Backed by advanced research and development skills honed in the defense and aerospace industries, and leveraging cutting edge advances in material science and conducting polymers, AshChromics has developed the first dual-polymer electrochromic design, transforming the transitional lens industry. FADES® is not a photochromic (like Transitions®), and works indoors and in cars.


Our lenses create intermediate states of darkness including transparent, light gray, blue-gray, and dark blue-black.


FADES® utility transcends eyewear. We’ve adapted our utility for visor inserts and building windows, and continue to develop other applications for impactful, multipurpose invention.

Rapid Response

Our lenses change from light to dark in under three seconds without the need for UV light.

Very High L/D Contrast

Our sunglasses withstand the harshest of wear while providing perfect, optical acuity.

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Rapid Response

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