So your golf game is solid but your eyes aren’t as dominant. In the world of golf, there are a few tools that can help reduce your prescription handicap. Sunglasses are one of them. If you’ve been playing golf for a while now, you’d agree that golf is a visual sport. You have to make precise judgments with your eyes and align your body accordingly to hit solid shots. Unfortunately, many golfers have a perception that wearing sunglasses can obstruct their depth perception. However, contrary to popular belief, the right type of sunglasses can boost your golf performance significantly.

But any ordinary pair of sunglasses you happen to have in your car’s glove compartment will not fit the bill. Choosing ordinary sunglasses can cause distorted vision when going from shady to bright areas, and result in poor performance.

There are some essentials that qualify a pair of sunglasses as the best for a golf game. We are here to explain what exactly to look for when buying sunglasses for golfing.

Here is how you can choose the right golf sunglasses.

1.Look for UV protection and reduced glare

The golf sunglasses should protect your eyes from the harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) rays and make it easier for you to see when playing golf on a sunny day. In fact, the ophthalmologists recommend wearing sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of the UV rays, especially in high elevation areas. UV protection is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for golf sunglasses. Apart from that, you would want to invest in auto-darkening golf sunglasses that can reduce the glare from the sun, allowing your eyes to adjust to a bright or dark environment instantly, such as Fades® electrochromic auto-darkening sunglasses.

2.Minimum vision distortion

When the golf course is unfamiliar and the sun is bright, it’s critical to be able to depend on your most valuable device: your vision. However, the bright sunshine can not only cause glare issues but also eye fatigue. Consequently, it has adverse effects on your distance and depth perception. Therefore, you need appropriate coverage to protect your eyes from the bright sun throughout the game. The auto-darkening Fades® sunglasses minimize vision distortion problems and provide precise vision, which will help you take an accurate golf swing.

3.Prescription lenses

Wearing suitable prescription golfing sunglasses will improve the quality of your vision, helping you judge how the wind will affect your swing and the ability to read the greens. We recommend opting for Fades® Rx best prescription sunglasses specifically designed to provide optimum optical support. The best prescription sports goggles
for golf increase the contrast, allowing you to distinguish objects at a distance more clearly and help you easily locate your target.

4.Transition lenses

When you spend all day playing golf, you need sunglasses that take you from dawn to dusk and lightens or darkens as the sunlight changes. The sun can beat you down, and on top of it, your vision will suffer when performing in changing sunlight. Considering vision is one of the most important factors in golf, your eyes need to be able to adapt when transitioning from bright to dark lighting quickly. It is much easier with auto-darkening transition lens sunglasses, which are equipped with highly responsive photosensors. The  Fades® auto-darkening golfing sunglasses take less than 2 seconds to switch from light to dark and provide optimum vision under any weather condition, improving your performance during the game.

5.Improved focus

Regardless of the caliber of golf balls, the gloves, and the club you use, if you’re not investing enough in your eyesight, nothing is worth it. You need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, wind, flying debris and reduce the strain on your eyes while playing a high-intensity golf match. Wearing appropriate golf sunglasses can be a game-changer for you. It will allow you to avoid squinting throughout the game and keep you better focused on your target.

Sunglasses are not only crucial to protect your eyes from the sun but also a stable fashion accessory that can be used to enhance your outfit and looks. This is why the vast majority of people focus on the appearance aspect of the sunglasses instead of the functionality. While we agree the style and looks are as important as the functionality, we recommend considering these factors to ensure you have both aspects in check.

Fades® electrochromic auto-darkening sunglasses are great for a wide variety of outdoor activities, including golf. As golfers usually spend a long time under the sun, the auto-darkening Fades® sunglasses provide them an intermediate level of brightness/darkness balance, enabling crystal-clear visibility at all times. As a result, it helps boost their performance in many ways.

Even if you have vision problems due to old age, the Fades® sunglasses are the ideal choice to provide you even vision in any lighting so you can enjoy your favorite sports.

If you want to know more about how Fades® auto darkening sunglasses could be the right choice for you, get in touch with our team.