Whether you are tagging along with a couple of friends on an organized MTB holiday or bagging a difficult summit, having the proper equipment in your backpack for your mountain biking holiday is absolutely crucial. When things go sideways, as they often do during an MTB trip, what you have packed in your backpack can mean the difference between a minor disruption and a dire consequence. Whether you are a sage downhill mountain biker or a first-timer, packing essentials is a critical part of any pre-trip preparations.

If you are an avid mountain biker, you would probably know what exactly to pack for your trip to the mountains. However, if you are going on your first MTB trip, you might have a hard time figuring out what to pack for a trip in the wilderness. Many things determine your travel checklist. For instance, how far your destination is, how remote the location is, the duration of the trip, and the weather forecast of the location you are traveling to.

While some necessities such as extra clothing, mountain biking gear, food, and water are obvious, there are various other things that you must pack before heading out (which even an avid mountain biker sometimes overlook).

Here is a checklist of what you should bring on your MTB trip:

1. Mountain bike gear and accessories

Mountain biking is no different than backcountry skiing. You need to gear up, be ready for the worst, and shoot for the best. While helmets, shoes, and gloves are the most important mountain bike gear, you cannot go on an MTB trip without some crucial accessories such as lights, a mini-pump, a bicycle multi-tool kit, and a spare inner tube. One of the major problems you encounter out on the trail is getting a flat tire. When riding a mountain bike on rough terrain that has scary rocks, sticks, bumps, and twigs, there’s a good chance things won’t go as expected. Having crucial accessories in your backpack prevents you from abruptly ending your trip.

Furthermore, make sure to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and rain cover along if it is a multi-day trip. You might also need a few tools such as a small knife, flashlight, binoculars, zip ties, camera, navigation tools, and bear spray.

2. Auto-darkening sunglasses

For an avid mountain biker, a good pair of UV protecting and auto-darkening sunglasses is one of the most important pieces of gear. Talk to any biker, and they will tell you why auto-darkening sunglasses can’t be disregarded.

When riding on rough terrains, even a small miscalculated step could lead to serious injuries. So, it is crucial to ensure optimum visibility during the ride, especially if you have vision problems. A pair of Rx Prescription auto-darkening sunglasses, i.e., Fades® electrochromic auto-darkening sunglasses, would be perfect to see better during your ride and make your experience much more comfortable. Unlike other photochromic mtb sunglasses, Fades® electrochromic sunglasses have faster light to dark switching times and a much larger light/dark contrast making them one of the best sunglasses for mountain biking.

3. Rain cover & Footwear

It is necessary to research what kind of rain cover and footwear you would need on your trip based on the weather conditions. Make sure to check the weather forecast well in advance. That said, the weather is usually the last thing you can rely on during any wilderness trip. So it is best to invest in high-quality rain gear and an additional pair of footwear that can provide sufficient support for any kind of rough terrain. Also, make sure your rain cover works for your rucksack too.

4. Fire

Knowing how to build a fire in an abominable wilderness is a life-saving skill. While you can learn the techniques by watching a couple of YouTube videos, you wouldn’t want to leave the fate of your trip at the mercy of your fire-building skill. So we recommend carrying at least two small bic lighters, a few small firestarter cubes, and a few stormproof matches.

5. First-aid kit and hygiene supplies

It is common to have some blisters, scratches, or minor injuries during your ride on the mountains. So, make sure to carry a first aid kit for emergencies. Also, you should bring some health and hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizers, toilet paper, menstrual products, prescription medications, insect repellent spray, alcohol or antiseptic wipes, and sunscreen. As you acquire more trail experience, you will be able to add or subtract items from your first-aid kit.

You might also need a few extra things depending on the specific requirements of your trip. But the above checklist should cover most of the necessities that you must bring with you.

AshChromics is proud to offer advanced technology Fades® Electrochromic auto-darkening sunglasses specifically designed to provide intermediate states of darkness for crystal-clear visibility in all lightings. So, when you are headed on a long-distance mountain biking in rough terrain, choose the right MTB auto-darkening sunglasses for maximum comfort and precise color vision.

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