A vast expanse of lush, green lawns, and your vision is set on the can, estimating the right angle and speed to hit, while birds make merry sounds by the pond nearby! An afternoon spent playing golf seems like the perfect day to start a weekend, catch up with friends, or even make new ones. Golf, a gentleman’s sport, requires laser focus, knowledge, and an advertent talent to succeed; while most of these requisites can be left to experience an natural aptitude, having the right tools at your disposal can add significantly to a fruitful experience. Hence, investing in a pair of high-quality sunglasses specifically designed for sports like golf is vital due to the following reasons:

UV Protection.

Spending hours playing your favorite sport with mates may seem like a fun day, but not protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays is irreversible damage. And no, the hat doesn’t count as a shield! A cap definitely protects your head and provides shade to your face, but you’ll still find yourself squinting after hitting that air mail. FADES® are the Best Sunglasses for golf, designed to efficiently block both UVA and UVB rays while keeping your line of sight completely clear, so you always bag the rat!

Better Than Polarized.

Many golfers have been gravitating towards polarized lenses to reduce glare and enjoy better optical clarity. However, today, we’re surrounded by electronics and digital screens of cellphones. Hence, while polarized lenses do prevent glare in the sun, that’s all they essentially are good for. A polarized lens inhibits the visibility to read greens, and one has to remove the sunglasses every time there is a change in the sunlight or when using your smartphone. AshChromics offer a versatile pair of sunglasses that go beyond one activity. They’re made for the athlete in you, golfer, cyclist, and even the perfect pair for daily commute. Hence, enjoy all-day comfort with an unparalleled optical acuity.

Consistently Clear Vision.

One variable that has the highest potential of affecting any outdoor sport is the weather. A perfectly bright and sunny day can change to dull or changing colors with clouds of uncertainty looming over, even if there is no sign of a downpour. While you may choose to finish the ongoing game, you’ll need reinforcements to have a clear vision despite the dodgy weather. AshChromics’ patented technology comes to the rescue here with the quickest response to changing environmental lighting. FADES® Sunglasses change lens color in less than two seconds, delivering clear, undistorted vision in any amount of light around you.

Golf is a sport for dedicated players who value skill over chance and are ready to invest for a better experience. Hence, try out AshChromics’ auto-darkening sunglasses, designed for your active lifestyle. Available in a durable matte and glossy finish, these pairs are super comfortable for all-day wear. So, choose a heightened golfing experience with the best sunglasses for golf and place your order today! Prescription sunglasses with the same features are also available.