One of the many things avid travelers learn is the knack to form friendships, figure out the route in a foreign land, and look forward to a new experience at every turn. However, the struggle of a frequent voyager often lies in the hassle of packing light. A cardinal rule that all backpackers walk with is to carry the essentials, which usually leaves less room for accessories. While this technique is effective during travel, choosing the best smart sunglasses for all the sun-filled adventures one plans to indulge in can also be conflicting, especially if you need a powered lens.

A common denominator for all traveling activities happens to be the Sun, whether a road trip, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, or a jungle safari. Hence, a pair of high-quality, durable transition lens sunglasses can be a game-changer for more than one reason. Transition sunglasses or fan-favorites FADES® Sunglasses have changed the trajectory of how you perceive a pair of shades to be in terms of design, durability, and, most importantly, functionality. The sheer versatility of the pair is guaranteed to amaze you in addition to the multifarious benefits:

  • Starting by highlighting the star of the show, the FADES® Sunglasses are crafted with the latest electronic technology, which is rapidly faster than the widely marketed photochromic version. This lightning speed of lightening and darkening transition is unparalleled with no compromise on the vision. So, irrespective of the activities on your itinerary, you’ll find yourself grabbing this pair on the go constantly.
  • FADES® Sunglasses are designed to adapt to the minutest changes in the environmental brightness and change under 2 seconds as you maneuver through on your biking trip or exploring the city atop a tourist bus. The silent MVP? Our highly advanced battery-powered design lasts days on end with less than an hour’s charging. Hence, gear up to catch the most mesmerizing of the views on your next expedition with FADES®’ color retention.
  • While optical acuity is a handy design feature, structural integrity and protection remain the core functions of all AshChromics’ sunglasses. Our designs are crafted to facilitate a high-performance lifestyle, irrespective of the wearer’s choice of an adventure of the day. With seamless UV-A and UV-B light blocking and assisted anti-glare, enjoy distortion-free views and screen reading as you swerve through the city traffic unaffected by the light-dark transitioning.
  • Above all, the convenience of investing in AshChromic FADES® Sunglasses (also available with prescription lenses), is unmatched for the one always on the move. Sunglasses are designed to aid in better athletic performance; an unobstructed, clearer vision all through the day from or walking to driving is promised with #aNewLight FADES® pair.

AshChromics’ patented designs ensure you’re set for every adventure - from the hiking tracks to the city roads. Hence, grab a pair from our glossy or matte options and step out to write a new story on a crisp, clear horizon as the light bounces off and you make your way unbridled. Shop our collection for a flat price for a limited period here.