The rush of adrenaline felt when you mount on your motorcycle for a road trip is an inexplicable thrill. Imagine blending in with the curvy roads of a mountain region as you glide and sway along on your wheels. Or the landscape getting bigger, clearer but nonetheless mesmerizing as you approach an expansive valley on a long stretch of mortar.

This shared excitement for the sport has had a major impact on the rising number of motorcycle riding enthusiasts. Thus, if you’re planning your first solo ride or have been on a few trips with some hiccups along the way, take note of the pointers to better prep for your next ride.

  • Know Your Ride. Whether it’s your first time taking your new wheels out for a spin or have rented for a trip with the squad, familiarizing yourself with the vehicle is non-negotiable. Therefore, choose a bike that you find comfortable to ride, and go for practice rides around town before embarking on a long route.

  • Fine-Tuning The Vehicle. As you settle into a rhythm with your motorcycle, you may realize that some modifications can make things better. Do your research and find reliable bike mechanics to change into a softer seat, different handlebar, stronger headlights, etc. You can also seek suggestions from seasoned riders to get more clarity on your quest. Regardless, don’t forget to visit your local motor shop to get the essential fine-tuning done by a professional. This is even more important for a pre-loved motorcycle. So, get an A-okay on the status of the battery, brake pads, and alignment of the tires to avoid any expensive repairs mid-journey.

  • Pack Light. When packing for a long journey, only the essentials should make their way in the bag, especially when the said journey is on two wheels. Packing can become a challenge for travelers planning to carry cooking essentials with them as well. However, this issue can be resolved by dividing the luggage when riding in groups. Essentially, be stingy about clothing and pack only travel-sized necessities, and carry disposable items, if possible.

  • Gear Up. What makes bike rides so exciting is the wind blowing past as you maneuver through high-low terrains. This feeling of being in tune with nature is also something a rider needs protection from. The strong gusts of winds carrying dust particles, pollutants, and insects can ruin the joy of riding in under a few minutes. Hence, protective clothing and accessories are a must, including:

    1. A riding suit appropriate for the weather you’re setting out in. High-quality riding gear available today is designed with heating panels that keep you warm and toasty while protecting against rain and strong winds.

    2. A pair of sturdy riding or trekking boots are just as important as the suit for complete protection and comfortable gear shifts.

    3. Eye protection is often overlooked due to the helmet. However, a helmet acts as a crucial safety feature for protecting the head in case of accidents but doesn’t facilitate vision. Hence, a pair of prescription motorcycle goggles are essential for a clear vision through all-weather changes on the journey.

  • Eat Right. An energized body fuelled by a nutritional meal is the key to avoiding drowsiness, fatigue, and sore muscles. Hence, planning your meal breaks judiciously is critical. So, pack some healthy nut bars and keep yourself hydrated throughout.

  • Prioritize Safety. With every journey comes some unforeseen challenges and also certain dangers. While one can prepare their best and still find themselves in a tricky spot when on the road, planning well ahead in time and making a clear itinerary of the route and rest stops is paramount.

  • A motorcycle trip is no short of an adventure sport and must be tried at least once, provided you take all the necessary precautions and preparations. To make every journey seamless, and landscapes a lot more mesmerizing, a must-have in your riding gear is Fades® electrochromic auto-darkening sunglasses. This innovative pair will protect you from UVA and UVB rays while amping up the riding gear with its designer finish. So, order your pair now and have an enthralling adventure!