Of course, you can turn up at the foot of Nugget Falls Trail with nothing but your favorite song ringing loud in your ears and a pocket full of dreams. But let’s face it - you are going to be in for a bit of shock if you do so.

Without a good basic level of fitness and the right trekking equipment, trekking will be hard work. An avid adventure enthusiast knows it’s hard work anyway. You pay the toll for a great trek in sweat. Blisters, aching quads, and sore calves are badges of honor and lost or broken toenails marks of pride.

And in return, you get to witness the most pristine, natural, and jaw-dropping scenery on the planet. But you know what? The better you plan for your trek, the easier it’ll be for you to check off the next thing on your bucket list.

So before you pull on your hiking boots, grab a water bottle, and head for your next adventure, you want to make sure your backpack has everything that you need on your trek - a cotton T-shirt, sturdy and comfortable pants, a warm jacket, a rain jacket, hiking boots, and SUNGLASSES. Yes, the right, auto-darkening sunglasses.

If you have ever hiked through rough terrain and treacherous climates without a reliable pair of sunglasses, you’d probably know the discomfort it must have cost you. While sunglasses may be a hiking gear afterthought, investing in the right pair of sunglasses will make all the difference between potential snow blindness and a comfortable trekking experience.

Fades® Electrochromic sunglasses are smart auto-darkening sunglasses designed to provide intermediate states of darkness for crystal-clear visibility in all lighting, maximum comfort, and precise color vision when heading outdoors. Whether you are going for a hike in the woods or for a quick run early in the morning, these technology-driven smart hiking sunglasses make it easier for you to see in every kind of lighting and surroundings.

Auto light/dark switching

With the Fades® electrochromic sunglasses, you don’t have to experience any temporary vision distortion or wait for the shade to turn from light to dark. These glasses can switch from light to dark in under 2 seconds and dark to light nearly instantaneously, much faster than photochromic sunglasses, which can take 60 to 120 seconds to change. These are designed to prevent any temporary blindness that users may experience while the lens shade is adjusting, making them one of the best best hiking sunglasses.

High durability

Fades® electrochromic sunglasses are highly durable, scratch-resistant, and have high light/dark contrast. These sunglasses are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide ideal optical support both outdoors and indoors.

Higher battery

One of the best features of Fades® electrochromic sunglasses is their long battery life. They can be charged completely within 45 minutes and last 3-5 days without recharging. Use a micro-USB charger (included).

Highly responsive photosensor

Fades® electrochromic sunglasses are equipped with a highly responsive photosensor that allows the shades to adjust their tint almost instantaneously. The photosensor responds to the ambient light and maintains an intermediate level of darkness according to the lighting so that you can see clearly in any surroundings.

Block UV light, non-polarized

Fades® electrochromic sunglasses also block UV-A and UV-B light while allowing users to read electronics and mobile devices. The lenses filter out the wavelengths of light that are most likely to affect the user’s vision and ensure clear, stable visibility at all times.

Perfect for a range of outdoor activities

Fades® electrochromic auto-darkening sunglasses are ideal for a wide range of activities, including driving, cycling, trekking, skiing, and many other outdoor activities. If you are looking for professional auto-darkening sunglasses wearable for any kind of outdoor activity, the Fades® electrochromic sunglasses are the right option for you.

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