Electrochromic ski goggles with rapid, automated, voice-activated defog function - coming soon.

It's hard to avoid spending time cruising the internet for gear to improve your performance on the slopes. One way to not only look good but perform better on the slopes is to improve your vision. On the slopes, the key is vision in varying shades of sunlight and avoiding fogging up of whatever eyewear you're wearing.

But what are the best sunglasses for skiing? Here are the features a pair of high-performance sunglasses should have.  

Comfort & Fit

When you’re skiing, your full attention needs to be on the world that’s in front of you. Every distraction can throw you off your game. To keep your head in the right place, you need every bit of clothing and gear you wear to be comfortable. The best sunglasses for skiing are those that you can barely tell you’re wearing. Oversized glasses may have some fashion appeal but can get uncomfortable on your nose after a few hours of use. 

You need a pair that has a perfectly-snug fit with soft material that conforms to your face. The sunglasses should feel secure on both sides of your head and on your nose without putting pressure on the skin. Keep in mind, we all have different shaped faces. Make sure the sunglasses you pick have a return policy in case they just aren't the right fit.


Another aspect of comfort is how your eyes feel while wearing sunglasses. Skiing through the backwoods has your vision constantly shifting from the shade of the trees to the bright sun. This can cause serious ocular discomfort and be very distracting. Some people try to get around this by wearing extra dark lenses to compensate for the bright sun. This greatly hinders your vision and could ruin your skiing performance. 

The best sunglasses for skiing have lenses that can adapt with different lighting conditions instantly. Electrochromic lenses have the ability to become darker and lighter in an instant in order to keep up with light variations. When weaving in and out of shadows out in the backwoods, these lenses will maintain the optimal opacity to keep your eyes comfortable and your vision pristine. 

auto tint sunglasses


Let’s face it, even the best skier among us wipes out from time to time. When you eventually fall down out there on the slopes, you don’t want to break your sunglasses. Find sunglasses that boast superior durability. Don’t go for sunglasses that have a thin, flimsy structure to their frames. Also, avoid sunglasses where the frames don’t completely surround the lens. Certain styles of sunglasses have floating lenses attached to a frame - these will not withstand a significant wipeout.

When you see American-made sunglasses, chances are the manufacturer focuses on durability rather than mass production. It isn’t about patriotism, it’s about what the word American-made signifies in global manufacturing. It’s a product that not only was made in the United States but has to live up to that standard. 

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The Absolute Best Sunglasses for Skiing

While there are countless options for sunglasses out there, few can actually improve your performance like FADES® Sunglasses. FADES utilize cutting edge, light-reactive technology to respond instantaneously to environmental changes as you move through your day. These auto-darkening sunglasses have the unique ability to create intermediate states of darkness for precise color, maximum comfort, and crystal-clear visibility. With an adjustment time of under 2 seconds, unique haze reduction, and advanced eye protection, FADES® can take your outdoor sports performance to the next level. Our American made sunglasses withstand the harshest wear and tear while providing perfect optical acuity. Step up your game today!