If you’re into high-intensity outdoor sports, chances are, you’re someone who cares about performance. Rock climbing, skiing, bike riding - these aren’t the types of activities you only put half your energy into, you want to go all the way. While performance depends primarily upon skill, practice, patience, and dedication, there are benefits to getting new gear. However, not every piece of sports gear can give you an edge. For example, that new athletic t-shirt won’t make you run any faster. The right sunglasses, on the other hand, can provide the clarity that can actually increase your performance. But how exactly can sport performance sunglasses up your game? The only way gear can actually improve performance is if it amplifies human senses. 

It’s All About The Lens

When it comes to outdoor sports, crystal clear vision is essential. The bright sunlight can leave you squinting, unable to focus on the task at hand, and prevent you from doing your best. So, many sports enthusiasts rely on sport performance sunglasses to block out the sun and keep their eyes on the road ahead. 

Unfortunately, sunglasses aren’t always beneficial for outdoor sports. If you’re speeding down the road on a bicycle with the bright sun in your eyes and you enter a tunnel, you could find yourself fiddling with your glasses in the dark, paying no attention to the road ahead. Those dark lenses keeping the sun out of your eyes one moment could be too dark to properly see through the next. The solution - electrochromic sunglasses. 

light responsive lenses

Electrochromic sunglasses have lenses that instantly adapt to all lighting conditions while you're on the go. Powered by military-grade technology, electrochromic lenses immediately react to the drastic light change of entering a tunnel while cruising at high speeds. The moment you enter the tunnel, the lenses become clear and provide optimal vision. Right when you plunge back into the sun, they will immediately darken, protecting you from the burst of bright light.

Polarized Lenses Aren’t The Answer

When looking for sunglasses, you’ll be faced with constant advertisements for polarized lenses. While polarization does have its benefits, they can often do more harm than good as sport performance sunglasses. Polarized lenses can make certain things more difficult to see, such as ice patches on mountains. If you're skiing downhill at high speeds, the last thing you want is to unknowingly slide over an ice patch. Polarized lenses can also obscure vision for digital readouts. This means you could be squinting to read the speedometer on your bicycle when you should have your eyes glued to the road. 

Durability is Key

Sport performance sunglasses must be able to meet the demands of extreme conditions. You’ll want lightweight, yet durable sunglasses that won’t cause discomfort over long periods of time. Any sunglasses that cause discomfort at your temples or the bridge of your nose should be avoided. While style is important, don’t go with an uncomfortable or flimsy pair of sunglasses just for the look. Remember, this is about performance. 

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The Sport Performance Sunglasses of the Future

While there are countless options for sunglasses out there, few can actually improve your performance like FADES® Sunglasses. FADES utilize cutting edge, light-reactive technology to respond instantaneously to environmental changes as you move through your day. These auto-darkening sunglasses have the unique ability to create intermediate states of darkness for precise color, maximum comfort, and crystal-clear visibility. With an adjustment time of under 2 seconds, unique haze reduction, and advanced eye protection, FADES® can take your outdoor sports performance to the next level. American made smart sunglasses withstand the harshest wear and tear while providing perfect optical acuity. Step up your game today!