You’re on your bike, barreling down the road at break-neck speeds. The sun is bright, there’s a tunnel ahead. You slide down your sunglasses as you enter the tunnel.  When you reach the other end, blinding light obscures your vision as you fumble for your sunglasses. This is not the type of situation a serious cyclist should ever find themselves in. The solution? Improve your vision with lenses that darken and lighten at a moment’s notice. 

Vision Is Paramount

As a serious cyclist, you spend countless hours perfecting your form, improving your coordination and training your muscle memory. From the amount of pressure you put on the brakes to the speed you enter a turn, nothing is insignificant out on the road. Your vision is no exception. Whether you’re mountain biking or out on the road, one slip up could result in a serious injury. There’s simply no leeway for error. 

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To operate at peak performance, you’ll need smart cycling sunglasses that offer crystal-clear vision at every moment. Lenses that darken and lighten as you move through the world are a perfect solution. In the previous scenario with the dark tunnel, auto-changing lenses would have become clear the moment you entered the tunnel and immediately dark again when you burst back into the sunlight. Instead of fumbling through a disorienting, dangerous experience, you would cruise through without missing a beat.

There are so many situations like this out on the road. Mountain bikers and road cyclists constantly find themselves darting in and out of shadows. Lenses that darken and get lighter automatically will adjust to these ever-changing landscapes and help you maintain unobstructed vision the entire time.

Durability & Design

Lenses that darken and lighten automatically are a game changer for serious cyclists. However, to get the best use of them, the build of sunglasses they rest in must also be tailored for sports performance. First, look for sunglasses with a sturdy and durable build. There’s no telling what can happen when you’re out there riding - you need sunglasses that can withstand the wear and tear that a serious cyclist can put them through. 

It’s also essential that they have an anti-slip design that keeps the glasses in place. Rubber lining on the frame holds the glasses firmly on your head while adding extra comfort durability. Many riders make the mistake of wearing glasses without anti-slip measures. While this might be ok for walking around in the street, it’s a great way to lose your glasses when sweating and riding at high speeds. 

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Just because a pair of sunglasses looks good doesn’t mean it has the right design. Make sure the glasses you choose are practical for sports performance. Choose a pair with an aerodynamic design that is large enough to cover the eyes but not so large that they could easily fly off with a gust of wind. Keep in mind, when buying sports sunglasses, it’s always a good idea to try them on with your helmet on before the return period is over. 

The Best Lenses That Darken

While there are countless options for sunglasses out there, few can actually improve your performance like FADES® Sunglasses, they are one of the best cycling sunglasses. FADES utilize cutting edge, light-reactive technology to respond instantaneously to environmental changes as you move through your day. These auto-darkening sunglasses have the unique ability to create intermediate states of darkness for precise color unlike photochromic cycling glasses which have either very dark or clear shades, maximum comfort, and crystal-clear visibility. With an adjustment time of under 2 seconds, unique haze reduction, and advanced eye protection, FADES® can take your outdoor sports performance to the next level. American made sunglasses withstand the harshest wear and tear while providing perfect optical acuity. Step up your game today!